Your Body Is the Revolution

I’m not talking about that woo-woo, mystical looking in your eyes and loving every little detail about yourself. For some, that moment has already come. They walk around like gold drips from every limb. They should.

Loving yourself is a daily process.

For others, looking in the mirror is a hard feat, but each day they get better at holding the gaze, accepting their little bit (or lots) of fat, appreciating their scars.

The revolution I’m talking about revolves around the basics of loving yourself: supplying yourself with adequate water, nourishing your body with good food (and treats), and enjoying movement and pleasure for the sake of just feeling fucking good. 

After becoming dissatisfied with my body, I figured it was time for a change. It was time for me to start loving my body and to recognize it as the magic it is. I cleaned up my diet. I exercised more regularly. I dropped 40 pounds.

My journey hasn’t been all about dropping weight. It’s about realizing all the new things my body can do now that it couldn’t do before. It’s about seeing my growth week after week and realizing a week ago I couldn’t do what I just did.

Watching myself grow is like having a front row seat to my own accomplishments and that’s freaking awesome.

There are aspects of this world that will continually tell you that your body is not your own. That your body, on account of how it is shaped, cannot and should not move in a certain way. That unless you look a certain way you are not good enough. 

I am here to tell you: They are wrong.

 You can. You are worthy of movement and pleasure. Whether you have been feeding yourself well or not, exercising or not, experiencing pleasure or not, your body is resilient and has carried you this far. I’m also here to tell you that your body is worth of so much more. You are worthy of more. You deserve more. 

April 21, 2015—July 21, 2016  |  1 year, 3 months

For any of you looking to create a more positive relationship with your body and experience the ‘more’ I’m talking about, I can help.

Elina McGill. Life coach. Visionary. Rebel. 

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