UltraEpic Project: 30 Days to Thesis


Over the next month, I will write a 65-page thesis. Just in time for my 22nd birthday.

I’m a college student starting an empire, graduating with a 3.6 GPA, maintaining friendships, healing emotional traumas, writing wrongs, and practicing self-care like it’s all I know how to do. Yeah, my plate is full.

I thrive with my plate overflowing. Intense action focuses attention on goals and values. It demands that I trim the fat off.

A masochistic need to transcend self-imposed limits and Scott H. Young’s MIT Challenge fueled this adventure. Let the drama unfold.


3 High-Paying Actions (Total: 30 hours/wk)

  1. Researching (20% of time)—6 hours/wk
  2. Reading (40%)—12 hours/wk
  3. Writing (40%)—12 hours/wk

End Goal

  • 65-page thesis with title page, abstract, table of contents, works cited, appendix, index, and visuals
  • Weekly accountability check-ins detailing the obscene amount of positive stress I’m signing up for
  • Daily accountability reports accounting for progress

Rough Timeline

Day 1-6—Create rough outline. Research. Read. Write 2.6 pages.
Day 7—Edit. Insert citations, indexes, pictures, graphs, etc.
Day 8-13—Research. Read. Write 2.6 pages.
Day 14— Edit. Insert citations, indexes, pictures, graphs, etc.
Day 15-27—Research. Read. Write 2.6 pages.
Day 28— Edit. Insert citations, indexes, pictures, graphs, etc.
Day 29—Buffer day. To be determined.
Day 30—Finishing touches. Create title page, abstract, work cited, etc.

Why even do this?

For one, I’ve been procrastinating on my thesis, and it’s getting worse. Two, when my schedule is packed with a healthy combination of projects I want to do and need to do, I thrive. I’m best when I’m doing epic shit. Aren’t we all better off when we perform outside our comfort zones?

Most importantly, why not? I’ll finish a chunk of my thesis before the spring deadline. So, why not get ahead? So what if it’s embarrassingly subpar? This project gives me a semester to polish my thesis until it glistens like the publishable work it will be.

Track my research here. My outline here. And my writing here

Elina McGill. Life coach. Visionary. Rebel. 

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