Personal Manifesto

I create my life according to my own terms, values, and goals.

I choose how I act, speak, and think.

I guide my own emotions and feelings by positively acting and speaking in alignment with my values and goals.

I treat my time like the invaluable currency it is.

I apply my time to situations and people that increase my happiness and personal fulfillment.

I view life as a wild, daring, awesome, epic adventure waiting for me.

I crave new experiences that will surprise me, challenge me, give me joy, and a feeling of eternal now.

I am not a tree. I move. I plan. I act. I push forward. I change things that I do not like.

I focus on growth, not perfection.

I act confidently with the knowledge that I can do anything, be anything, and have anything.

I can and I will.

I am all in or out. There is no lukewarm.

I love and live free, wild, bold, and without limits.

I show others how to love me by loving myself first. I exist for myself first.

Love is my revolution.

I protect my mind, body, and soul. I do everything I can to keep myself in a state of synergistic dynamism.

I create and safeguard my own happiness.

I release situations and people that do not improve my life.

I fill myself so I can give myself away.

I originate from love, not fear.

I am soft where the world expects me to be hard, love where it expects me to be fear, and light where it expects me to be dark.

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